Extending support for the underprivileged members of our society, especially in Africa, exhibits our symbolic attribute towards being humane. Our small contribution to the less privileged can bring unimaginable significant changes in the lives of others. At Tocoistas, we provide an avenue for charity works that have the efficacy to substantially transform the lives of many disadvantageous people, who require our help. 

Donations to our charity program translate into resources that fulfill the basic needs of thousands of unfortunate people, who would probably not have found any help. It not only allows us to contribute towards the welfare of human society but also gives us a chance to disburse our responsibility towards our fellow human beings

Why Work With US

Many non-profit organizations across the globe are engaged in carrying out various charitable donation programs. And while encouraging donations to signify an effective means of charity, we understand if you are skeptical about similar programs. 

At Tocoistas, we do things differently, every cent donated is used precisely toward the purpose for which it is advertised. We make sure to only carry along with individuals who are dedicated to seeing the problems of less privileged people solved to a reasonable extent. 

To Our Donors

To ensure that your donations are used for the worthy cause of charity, we implore you to carry out a background check on us to ascertain the credibility of our charity. Plus, your donations are qualified for tax deductions; thus, you can claim the necessary tax deductions for your donation at the time of substantiating tax returns.

We are involved in executing socially significant programs, which cover the spheres of health, education, environment, etc. we also engage in supporting impoverished children in Africa by providing them food, shelter, clothing, and education. And donations from well-meaning individuals/groups from all over the world help us to effectuate our activities. 

Before participating in our donation program, we advise you to carefully choose from our various charity options, that which resonates with you and you advocate for. We are highly appreciative of our donors, and we always endeavor to acknowledge their contributions; we are also aware that some of our donors prefer discretion in this sort of activity, and we respect that too. We will not use your info for any activity that doesn’t please you. 

What Drives Us

We believe that it is our collective social obligation to come forward and participate in donation programs to support the welfare of human society. We should always remember that our small contribution can bring about a paradigm shift in the lives of thousands of underprivileged members of society.


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