What We Care For!


Despite the several effort of the government of Angola, many schools in Angola still does not qualify to be referred to as a school base on acceptable standard. Most part of the rural com09munity in Angola is in dire need of decent structures for their school building.
Visiting several of the schools in the rural areas of Angola reveals the decadence and neglect of this school by the government. Some of the classrooms in the school are over-crowded, the furniture in the classroom are either not sufficient and in a dilapidated state. Some of the kids in school have to sit on the floor or on stones to attend class.
To add to the suffering, aside from the crowded classroom, some of the schools have classroom with partly exposed roof.


For any economic or social development to take place in any society, such society must be connected to regular electricity supply. The impact of electricity as a major economic driver cannot be over emphasized. Since economic growth will eventually lead to development and improvement in the lives of the local inhabitant, resulting in the gradual eradication of poverty.
Beulah empire is poised to light up some of the rural settlement in Angola where there have been scarce electricity. This project aims at providing alternative source of electricity for the locals in Beu and other villages in Angola.
Installations of solar panel and inverters will be funded and carried out by our team of seasoned experts.


All over the world, shelter is an essential need of every human. Regardless of your situation or condition is life, you need a roof over your head, not just a roof only, but a habitable shelter. Our Organisatiion have decided to take up the responsibility of providing reasonable shelter to the increasing number of homeless persons in Africa. countries like Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Libya, Benin and Congo top the list of African nation with high rate of homeless people due mainly to decades of mal-administration.
In Beulah Empire, we aim to be able to provide low cost accommodation and decent temporary shelter for the helpless and down trodden people of Angola.


Beulah Empire is leading an on-going campaign in Africa aimed towards boasting the effort of the local administration on the compulsory education of every girl child in some African countries. Statistic shows that education among the female gender is below 40% in most rural areas of West and North African.
Our fund raising project in Beu, Angola and some town in Northern Nigeria is aimed at complementing the effort of the local government. We can achieve a lot by going from village to village to encourage and mount reasonable pressure on the families to send their girls to school.


Water is an essential commodity in the lives of every human. No one can survive without a good healthy drinking water. Sadly however, the availability of quality drinking water is a scarce commodity in some under-developed areas in Angola. Our organization is working on how to bring cleaner water into these communities. We are raising funds for the installation of Water tunnels and water reservoirs in these under-served communities.


Medical equipment, bedding and drugs are what we aim to supply to the poorly equipped local health care centers whose facilities and equipment are in a state of disrepair. We are also sourcing for basic drugs for the treatment of malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, Typhoid, and other common diseases and infections. These drugs will be supplied to the near empty local dispensary in the communities, while our medical volunteers supervise the usage of these drugs and equipment